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Hydrafacial: The Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

The visual signs of aging are easily seen in the mirror. Mature adults begin to notice more prominent wrinkling, specifically dynamic wrinkles that appear on the forehead, near the mouth and eyes, and on the nose bridge. The skin becomes rather dull in appearance, and there’s a visually brittle texture. Blemishes such as freckles, age spots, and injury scars darken or become badly textured. Plenty of treatment options are available, but most of them target one or two problems only. The Hydrafacial treatment is different.

This procedure involves several steps, and when the treatment is finished, the skin pores are unclogged, the epidermal layer is being replaced, and the skin layers are full of nutrients. The Hydrafacial works by combining exfoliation and extraction with nutrient infusion, and this is done with a special set of handheld tools that suck out organic and inorganic waste while at the same time pushing in water-based serums. This is the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment, hydrafacial.

The Hydrafacial Difference

When an individual gets a skin-smoothing treatment such as dermabrasion, the skin is scrubbed so that the dead and damaged cells can be removed. This helps to create a new epidermal layer, and the result is a more radiant appearance. However, this treatment doesn’t address the problem of prominent age spots, and it doesn’t improve dull skin tone.

A chemical peel lifts away the epidermis, and this signals new tissue creation. This improves skin tone, but it doesn’t help much with deep wrinkles. Also, an aggressive chemical peel can lighten the skin tone, a problem known as bleaching.

Laser treatments can help improve the appearance of blemishes and scarring, but the problem of wrinkling persists. The same is true with microneedling. The ideal treatment would be a multi-step procedure that addresses all types of skin problems, and that’s the Hydrafacial difference.

In less than one hour, this treatment stimulates rapid growth of new epidermal and dermal cells, opens up pores so that the skin can breathe properly, and introduces a special combination of nutrients including peptides and antioxidants. The skin is smooth and moisture-balanced by the time the individual leaves for home, and over the next few weeks, visual improvement in skin tone and texture continues.

What It Treats

This procedure will appeal to most individuals wishing to improve their skin tone and texture. The treatment can be altered or modified to address specific concerns. It will help with skin tone, particularly regional tone problems where the skin surface appears dull, lightened, or dry. It will improve the appearance of dynamic wrinkles because of the water-based nutrient infusion step. When moisture-balanced and full of proteins and other nutrients, the skin becomes more soft and supple.

Blemishes are targeted as well. Age spots and freckles are darkened areas where too much melanin and too many capillaries exist. The Hydrafacial treatment will help improve the health of the lower dermal layers, and the result is less prominent injury and acne scars, liver spots, and other forms of hyperpigmentation.

Dry skin is difficult to treat. No matter what moisturizer is used, the skin just continues to dry up and feel rough. Day after day, individuals apply moisturizers supposedly rich in nutrients and hyaluronic acid only to find that the surface is dry again after just a few hours. The Hydrafacial treatment involves the infusing of specific nutrients and water, and this step happens right after the pores have been opened up. The skin, now armed with rejuvenation tools, takes care of itself after that.

This treatment is truly an all-in-one skin revitalization treatment, and the results last for quite some time. Those who have it will likely want to schedule regular maintenance sessions in the future. That’s how effective this multi-step treatment is.

The Treatment

The following is just an overview of how the treatment is performed. Remember, it can be modified to some extent depending on the specific concerns of the patient.

Before infusing nutrients or extracting waste material from the skin, the surface is cleansed. A special rotary tip is fastened onto a handheld device, and the brushlike tool is run over the skin’s surface. This lifts away damaged or dead cells, and it makes the following step much more effective.

The second step is the application of a mild acid. Unlike a traditional peel treatment, this one takes only a few minutes to perform. The acid is washed away after sitting on the skin for a short time. The epidermal layer dries up almost immediately, and it’s washed away along with the acid. The skin is now ready for the extraction procedure because the dermal layer is fully exposed.

A machine that looks like a miniature gasoline pump is wheeled up next to the individual being treated. This machine has a monitor and a series of dials that control the extraction tool as well as the nutrient infusion mix. A hose connects the machine to the handheld device used for the extraction step.

This vortex suction device pulls dried cells, hardened oil deposits, and pollutants right out of the skin pores. The amount of material that gets sucked into the collection jar amazes just about everyone who gets this effective suction-powered extraction treatment. The skin pores are now open, and this means that the right amount of air and water vapor can penetrate through the skin layers.

The same tool is used for the infusion procedure. Vitamin E, other antioxidants, and peptides are mixed with air and water. They are pushed through the instrument and into the skin in a sort of reversal of the vortex extraction step. This infusion procedure takes only a few minutes to perform.

That’s how the Hydrafacial treatment is performed. However, the improvement in skin tone, texture, and overall health is just beginning. Over the next few weeks, the individual will notice continued improvement in skin tone and a decrease in the prominence of wrinkles, dull patches, and blemishes.

Addressing Specific Concerns

Variations on the traditional treatment are performed if the individual has deep concerns about skin tone, skin texture, or regional discolorations. There are several nutrient booster serums used to help with specific problems. Some target fine wrinkles such as crow’s feet and marionette lines. By improving the health of the skin layers via a special nutrient infusion, the wrinkles become much less prominent. Others address dull skin tone. This helps to block the production of pigmentation, and the result is skin that is evenly toned.

These additional procedure steps take only minutes to perform, and the individual being treated is given a supply of nutrient salves to use at home. This ensures continued improvement in skin tone and the correct moisture content in the skin layers.

Regular Maintenance Program

Many individuals choose to have this procedure performed about once per year. In between treatments, they may choose to have one of the targeted steps mentioned above performed. These maintenance steps can be completed in less than 30 minutes. These treatments, like the overall multi-step procedure, kickstart a rejuvenation process that continues for weeks.

Advantages Over Other Skin Treatments

The list of skin rejuvenation treatments is almost endless, but most of the popular procedures address only one or two concerns. Some of the treatments aren’t really skin health treatments at all. They are rather cosmetic and do nothing to actually promote healthier skin. Muscle relaxers help to diminish the appearance of fine lines, but the skin itself isn’t treated, meaning that the cause of the wrinkles isn’t addressed.

Laser treatments can effectively get rid of certain blemishes, but the energy is concentrated and can damage adjacent tissues. Some individuals are very sensitive to skin cauterization and can have what is essentially the same reaction as if to an allergy.

Facial skin ablation or repositioning, which is what a facelift involves, is a specialized, invasive surgical procedure. Many individuals feel that they aren’t ready for anything so aggressive. Deep chemical peels can treat large wrinkles, facial skin folds, and problems associated with damage from sun exposure, but this type of procedure can only be performed once. It’s too dangerous to repeat it.

On the other hand, the Hydrafacial treatment is safe, simple, and repeatable. It addresses all of the concerns mentioned above. Best of all, it’s completed in just about an hour, and there’s no downtime after treatment. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction one gets from noticing continued improvement after treatment.

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